During his six-year tenure as a producer and writer for MTV News, Conor Bezane produced a number of investigative videos. Below is a sample of some of his work.

Wiimbledon MTV News WII Video Games

My star turn in Wiimbledon, the first-ever Nintendo Wii tennis tournament in Brooklyn.

Feist MTV News

Canadian singer-songwriter Feist goes mainstream on her third album, The Reminder

Bright Eyes MTV News

The quintessential video history of Conor Oberst, mastermind of Bright Eyes

Future of Music: My Chemical Romance, MTV News

The Future of Music: A piece where I predicted the rise of Spotify back in 2007.

Britney Womanizer Video MTV News

Analyzing Britney Spears’ first No. 1 hit since “Baby One More Time”

REM Michael Stipe MTV News

Documenting the legendary rock band R.E.M. as they launch their final album

Common MTV News

Common embraces old-school hip-hop on the Grammy-nominated Finding Forever

Birthplace of Punk CBGB NYC MTV News

The history of NYC’s legendary CBGB and the efforts to save it

SXSW 2006 — 20th Anniversary, MTV News

From the Flaming Lips and Arctic Monkeys to Morrissey and Wolfmother, this is SXSW 2006

R Kelly, MTV News

R. Kelly allegedly got caught on a sex tape with an underage girl

Fall Out Boy, MTV News

Chicago emo-punks Fall Out Boy had a banner year in 2006

History of SXSW for MTV News

The definitive video history of SXSW, Austin’s annual music festival

Iran Band Hypernova MTV News

Coverage of the first U.S. gig for Hypernova, rockers from Iran

Star Spangled Ceiling on MTV News

English bands struggling to crack a star-spangled ceiling

Ruined Music, MTV News

Ruinedmusic.com, where the heartbroken vent about awkward music associations

The Year in Stalkerazzi, MTV News

A recap of celebrities gone wild in 2006, from Britney Spears to Mel Gibson

MTV news genocide in Sudan, Darfur

In this MTV News clip, I explain the genocide in Darfur, a region in Sudan

NJ Approves Civil Unions, MTV News

The Supreme Court of New Jersey ruled for same-sex civil unions